Mile 22 Debuts Red Band Trailer #2

With Mile 22, you have the fourth collaboration of director Peter Berg and actor Mark Wahlberg. Much like their other collaborations, this film focuses on men and women against the odds. More in the vein of Lone Survivor though (Their first collaboration), the story focuses on Wahlberg and a team of special combatants trying to get a local police officer out of a hostile country to testify to that country’s atrocities. That witness is played by Iko Uwais who most fans recognize internationally as the lead star of The Raid films. Luckily, the Indonesian native Uwais doesn’t seem to be letting up on his dynamic martial art skills or his intensity as a performer.

If the the new Red Band trailer is any indication, while the film doesn’t look anywhere near the prestigious caliber of their first three collaborations, Berg and Wahlberg will offer a nice action-heavy thriller for the end of the summer when the film hits theaters Auugust 17th. Check the new Red Band trailer out below:

Mile 22 co-stars John Malkovich, Lauren Cohan, and Ronda Rousey.