NBC’s Timeless Cancelled Again, Two-Hour Conclusion Film in Discussion

A lot of shows got renewed today. We got The Terror over at AMC for a season 2 (See it here), Dear White People over at Netflix for a season 3 (See it here), and then The Man in the High Castle for a season 4 (See it here). However, it wasn’t all good news today.

After surprising fans with a season 2 on NBC, the beloved Sony Pictures Television Studios-produced time-travel drama Timeless has been cancelled again. However, the network and studio are working to get a two-hour movie made to resolve the cliffhanger that occurred at the end of season 2.

It’s unfortunate that such a unique show didn’t have the viewership to continue on, but at least shows like this get a chance to show up every once and while. Now if only they could stick around. That, sadly, comes down to the audience willingness to give it a chance. Stay tuned!