Neill Blomkamp to Direct Sequel to Original RoboCop

Back in 1987, RoboCop was unlike anything to grace the screen. A thematically deep action movie with all the fun and dark humor you could ask of a science fiction film. Sadly…after that it all went downhill, followed by two unsuccessful sequels, a few TV shows (With a couple being well-received admittedly), and a 2014 remake that made quite a few fans upset. Seems that someone heard the complaints.

A couple years ago, director Neill Blomkamp was making waves with the hopes of doing an Alien 5 that would redeem the once proud science fiction franchise by returning to the original characters and the original story. Fox decided to continue on with Ridley Scott’s prequel films and Blomkamp moved on, deciding he longer wanted to make it. Now, Blomkamp may be able to take that fan affection and put it to good use. Today it was announced that Blomkamp will helm a direct sequel to the original RoboCop, currently titled RoboCop Returns. But that’s not all that’s being dug up from the past for this.

The script will actually be a rewritten version of an old sequel script that original RoboCop screenwriters Ed Neumeier and Michael Miner wrote right after the first film came out. As that story went, the original film’s director Paul Verhoeven wasn’t interested in doing a sequel so Neumeier and MinerPaul followed him out the door. This led to Frank Miller writing the two sequels. Justin Rhodes will be the one to rewrite the script. Rhodes recently co-wrote the upcoming Terminator film so we’ll get an idea of his screenwriting skills long before RoboCop Returns comes out.

While this is considered to be a direct sequel to the original film, it’s uncertain whether star Peter Weller will return. The good news is that Weller’s character is completely covered in armor and it wouldn’t be hard to make his face look intentionally fake. Interestingly enough, Weller has been in more action films and shows lately that before, having been in the shows Sons of Anarchy and Longmire as well as the film Star Trek: Into Darkness. I imagine we’ll find out soon enough on that one but I admit, it would be curious to see Blomkamp’s affection for old cinema be put to use. Stay tuned!