Netflix’s Lost in Space Debuts Official Season 2 Trailer, Premiere Date Confirmed

Netflix has done it’s best to offer both original content and familiar content for its users. With the number of genres that now exist in television and the increasing competetive market, it’s no surprise that Netflix has kept their remake of Lost in Space going. Renewed a bit after the first season premiered for a ten-episode sophomore run, the first season was unconventional from the remake, showing the Robinsons not alone and working to get off a planet with their exploring colony before it exploded.

However, by the end of the first season, the Robinsons, along with the new version of Dr. Smith and Don West, were in familiar territory, now lost alone above a mysterious planet believed to be the origin of their beloved Robot that they lost saw flying into space. Now on a mysterious ocean planet, the Robinsons will make it their goal to find their Robot and gain safe passage on their ship the Jupiter 2 back to Alpha Centauri where its believed the rest of the colonists have headed to in the master ship the Resolute.

It’s been confirmed today with the official season 2 trailer, titled “Have You Seen Our Robot?”, that the new season will premiere on Netflix on December 24th. Check it out below: