Netflix’s Outlaw King Debuts Trailer #1

Last time actor Chris Pine and director David Mckenzie worked together on a film, we got Hell or High Water which is deemed one of the best films of this decade so far. So hearing these two are collaborating again sets some high expectations with the upcoming historical drama Outlaw King.

The film will focus on Robert the Bruce (Played by Pine), the legendary King of Scots, during the time he battled to regain control of Scotland after he is declared an outlaw by the King of England for helping himself to the Scottish crown and creating civil war. For Pine, it’s one of the most demanding roles he’s ever done and without a doubt a chance for him to prove himself as a main lead as most of his films tend to have ensembles like Star Trek or Wonder Woman with Hell or High Water having seen Pine as a co-lead. But Outlaw King, it’s Pine front-and-center with his sword drawn, ready to challenge armies and critics alike.

With a November 9th release date set for Netflix, this is a film putting itself square in the award season in hopes of being noticed. If anything, the new trailer indicates it will be one intense, cinematic experience. Check it out below:

Outlaw King co-stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Florence Pugh, Billy Howle, Tony Curran, and Stephen Dillane.