Netflix’s “Real Rob” Trailer #1 Debuts

Okay, I have to admit, Rob Schneider earned back a little good will from me when he did 2007’s “Big Stan”. It was a surprising film. Fun, a little heartfelt, one of David Carradine’s final decent performances before he died, and surprisingly well done. It apparently was good enough where this happened…

Yeah…this was about 8 years too late I’m afraid.

All that aside, I’m not sure about his new project, a meta-realistic sitcom about his life in Hollywood. The synopsis is as follows:

The scripted series is an exaggerated yet brutally honest depiction of Schneider’s real life. Rob lives in two worlds, one where he’s the most important person on set, and the other, where he’s the third most important person in a three-person household, after his two-year-old daughter, Miranda, and his younger Mexican wife, Patricia. Patricia doesn’t quite grasp Rob’s level of fame, because when he was getting his first movie role, she was getting her first tricycle. Rob lives a life where his stalker is more reliable than his assistant, while his assistant is creepier than his stalker. Real Rob!is a ‘close to the bone’ portrayal of the internationally famous comedian, from the ups and downs of celebrity life, to the closer to home issues Rob faces daily with his wife and daughter. Season 1 guest stars include George Lopez, David Spade, and Norm Macdonald.

Rob: “To victory!!!!!….I hope!!!!!”

I mean, this sort of meta-realism rarely works out. Even when sitcom superstar Michael J. Fox decided to return to TV in “The Michael J. Fox Show” that somewhat talked about his real life living with Parkinson’s disease, it got cancelled after one season. Netflix has made a lot of interesting choice of shows. They are making a Western series named “Frontier” with actor Jason Momoa of all people. They revived the show crime show “Longmire” for it’s fourth season, after the show was cancelled on the A&E channel (And now have renewed it for a fifth season as well).

While they have had several successes, one can wonder why this series based on the lack of success with shows like it in the past. Does Schneider have one more “Big Stan” surprise hit up his sleeve in the form of this show? We’ll find out December 1, 2015 when the show premieres on Netflix.

“I worked with that guy a long time ago in ‘Judge Dredd’ and ‘Demolition Man’. I don’t know…maybe he too has got something left in the basement.”