Netflix’s The Spy Limited Series Releases New Photos

When the name Sacha Baron Cohen is said, most know him as Borat or any of his satirical characters. In an attempt to expand that name to mean more, Cohen will be starring in the limited dramatic series The Spy, in fact based off the true story of former Mossad agent Eli Cohen (No relation to the actor).

The story will follow Cohen’s successful undercover dealings in Syria in the early 1960’s where the Mossad agent gained a game-changing level of trust with ambitious military leaders and their rich friends. In turn, he gained access to Syria’s biggest anti-Israel secret initiatives. Noah Emmerich will co-star as his Mossad handler while Hadar Ratzon Rotem will star as his wife and Waleed Zuaiter as one of the military officers who comes to trust Cohen as his perfect alley.

While the show will land on Netflix on September 6th, the first three photos of the project are out (With a trailer soon to come). Check them out below:

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