Netflix’s They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead Documentary Debuts Trailer #1 & Poster

They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead…if I had to pick a title for a documentary about director/writer/actor Orson Welles, that would have been it right there. After all, he was a man known as much for his tumultuous relationship with Hollywood and the people around him as he was a visionary. A man whose first film, the masterpiece Citizen Kane, was believed to be based on a real-life tycoon. A tycoon who, it’s rumored, used his influence to blackball Welles and his film at that year’s Academy Awards.

Welles was a force of nature, but no doubt he was difficult and had his demons. Indeed his legacy probably was more powerful after his death in 1985 then it was during the later half of his career. For decades he had struggled to get his projects made or even greenlit. His final film, The Other Side of the Wind, was one he worked on for years but couldn’t even finish because his health was deteriorating. And it was an appropriate final film to be working on as, like the subject of the film, Welles was looking to make one more great piece of cinema. In a lot of ways, it was probably meant to be a semi-biographical film of Welles. But that is just a theory of mine.

The Other Side of the Wind will hit select theaters on November 2nd thanks to funding from Netflix and several Oscar-nominated creative forces finishing the film (See the trailer for the film here). It will also be released on Netflix and to accompany that film’s release on the streaming service, Netflix created a documentary that chronicles the rocky production of the film and reflecting on Welles along the way. Like I said, They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead would have been a great name for a documentary about the life of Welles, but perhaps it is more appropriate it is the title of a documentary on the making of a film that was Welles’ final story that he wanted to tell the world. And today, Netflix has released a trailer for the documentary which you can check out below:

They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead is directed by Morgan Neville who recently directed the Mr. Rogers documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor?. In addition, check out a new poster They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead below: