No Man’s Sky Video Game Debuts “The Abyss” DLC Launch Trailer

No Man’s Sky is a game that has been received like a coin flip. Some will say it is one of the most ambitious games of all times, crafting a massive open-universe where, as space explorers, you travel to different worlds and get to do almost anything. However, some might also argue the worlds are repetitive and bland with no distinction between any of them or that the game can weigh down itself with it’s own ambition.

Whichever group you find yourself in, the game is seeking to return to form with it’s new “Abyss” update. No minor update mind you. Not only will you be allowed to plunge into monster-filled oceans to explore (Courtesy of a new exocraft for players known as the Nautilon), but also be allowed new missions. Specifically the new story “The Dreams of the Deep”, in which gamers are tasked with saving the crew of a sunken freighter before they are swallowed by the rising tide. In addition, you’ll be allowed to explore the underwater ruins of “a lost soul trapped deep beneath the waves.”

Essentially you get Bioshock mixed with the 2001 elements that were already present in the game. With “The Abyss” update dropping today, a launch trailer has been revealed that teases further what you’ll get to do. Check it out below: