Once Upon a Deadpool Releases First Poster

A few days ago we got the official announcement by 20th Century Fox for Once Upon a Deadpool, the restructured, holiday-sprinkled, PG-13 cut of this year’s Deadpool 2 (See the announcement here). It’s a cut that could make or break Deadpool’s current incarnation being in the MCU, if reports are any indication of just how intently Disney and Marvel Studios are observing the finished cut.

The rest of me may be going PG-13…but the best part is still R-rated…granted it’s edited out of this photo…but still! 

Set to have a limited run from December 12th to Christmas Eve, the one good thing about this is we get more outrageous marketing from the Merc with the Mouth with the new poster for Once Upon a Deadpool offering holiday cheer…with Fred Savage in tow. Check it out below: