Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Releases New Images

Quentin Tarantino has a habit of taking pop culture he adores and essentially creating these hyper-violent homages of that culture. Jackie Brown was a play on the popular blaxploitation films of the early 1970’s (Even bringing back popular actress Pam Grier who had made her career in that genre way-back-when). Kill Bill was a play on kung fu and samurai films. Inglorious Basterds was a play on war films. Django Unchained was a play on the Western (Or as Tarantino referred to the film, a “Southern”). For Tarantino, pop culture is a giant foundation for his own stories that serves to highlight the eccentricities of the characters of his stories.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is shaping up to be one of the most interesting films of the year, not only for the controversial topic of Sharon Tates’ infamous murder by Charles Manson’s cult being featured in the film (Although it’s not known how). But without a doubt the film looks to be a massive commentary of the fine line between reality and fiction that the town of the film’s title tends to tread on on a daily basis. Particularly in the last couple years as skeletons have being popping up all over Hollywood, revealing a far darker side of the business than anyone can imagine. In this way, writer/director Tarantino may end up giving the most honest commentary on the film industry in recent years. While we’ve yet to get a trailer, we finally get some new images highlighting the insane journey Leonardo DiCaprio’s character will go through in trying to reinvent himself in the changing landscape of Hollywood. Courtesy of Vanity Fair, check the new images out below:

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood co-stars Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie. It is set to hit theaters July 26, 2019.