Onward Debuts Official Trailer

Pixar has always felt like a bubble with their films. They do stories that bring hypothetical worlds to life with such believable detail, that it’s no wonder kids have been going crazy for their stuff since 1995’s Toy Story. We’ve seen worlds of toys coming to life, an ant colony trying to lead a revolution against oppressive grasshopper overlords, a fatherly fish trying to find his lost child in the vastness of the ocean, and so on. However, as the company grew and was eventually acquired by Disney, the studio began to focus heavily on sequels with few original films. The claim is that after Toy Story 4 earlier this year, the studio would return to original films only.

At the end of May we got the teaser trailer for the first of those films, titled Onward (See the teaser here). Featuring two hit Marvel actors in the lead voice roles, Tom Holland and Chris Pratt, the teaser only revealed it was about two elf brothers in a modern world where humans never existed and them trying to find out if real magic still exists. Today, a full trailer has been released that delves into the story more. Check it out below:

Onward also features the voices of Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Octavia Spencer. It is directed Dan Scanlon (Who co-wrote the script with C.S. Anderson) and is set to hit theaters March 6, 2020.