Overlord Debuts Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Featurette

Overlord came out early November of last year and unfortunately faced the sting of being a well-received horror/action film (See our own praise for it here) but tanking at the box office, making only $41 million on a $38 million budget. Still, for those who got to see the movie, it was a pretty solid take on the horror genre and it’s a shame audiences didn’t get to see that.

Anyway, focusing on now, the film is set to be released digitally tomorrow, February 5th, before getting a home media release in two weeks on February 19th. To commemorate it’s release, today an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip was released with producer J.J. Abrams discussing how the immersive opening sequence was made (Including part of it being shot as a one take). Check it out below: