Patricia Arquette Added to Voice Cast of “Toy Story 4”

No surprise, after winning the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress last year for her role as the character Olivia Evans in 2014’s “Boyhood”, actress Patricia Arquette is starting to see the good will from her Oscar win pay off. She is in early talks to, this time, voice another mother character in the upcoming Pixar film “Toy Story 4”, the surprising 4th installment in the “Toy Story” series. While “Toy Story 3” seemed like the end of the journey for Woody and rest of his gang of toys, Disney has decided to crack open the toy chest once again which means new characters to add to the tale. Many suspect she will play the mother to the character Bonnie, a young girl first introduced in “Toy Story 3” who Andy (The toys’ former owner) gives his toys to as he leaves for college and adulthood.

Alright, time to start preparing! This is not's Woody and I'm having him cleaned.
Alright, time to start preparing! This is not Oscar…it’s Woody and I’m having him cleaned.

While little else is known and it’s not yet confirmed completely that she has taken the role, may wonder if a “Toy Story 4” is a legitimately good idea. In the vein of Richard Linklater’s “Boyhood”, I think many were hoping Disney would take a decade to craft a worthy continuation of the franchise. All one can hope is that, like the first three critically acclaimed films, that “Toy Story 4” is handled with care by it’s staff.