Pennyworth & Batwoman Debut New Trailers

Nowadays, Batman has pretty much been covered in every way possible. We’ve seen him animated countless times, both in solo series and strange team-ups. Heck, he recently teamed up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (See our review of that film here). Interestingly though, no live-action show has ever dared cover the Dark Knight, not since the campy Adam West show of the 1960’s. Then again, that was back when superheroes were light-hearted and goofy.

Perhaps the budget would be too high? Perhaps they are worried they couldn’t pull off the serious tone of the character. But in the last few years we’ve seen show after show cover the “World of Batman”, but never him himself. Gotham came the closest but the show was still primarily focused on Jim Gordon’s rise through the GCPD. And now, we have two separate shows set in the Batman universe, but neither is about Batman and they take place before and after his reign as the hero of Gotham.

First up, we have the 1960’s spy show Pennyworth which will cover the early years of Bruce Wayne’s loyal butler long before Bruce was even a sparkle in his father’s eye. That show is set for a ten-episode first season and will premiere on the channel Epix on July 28th. See the trailer for the show below:

The second is meant to cover the “brooding” corner of the CW’s Arrowverse after the network’s maiden superhero show ends at the end of this year. Batwoman will focus on Gotham City AFTER Batman has left it and focus on his cousin Kate Kane taking over as protector of the city. That show will hit the CW on Sundays in the Fall. Check out the new “Times are Changing” Teaser below: