Peterloo Debuts Teaser Trailer

Actor Rory Kinnear, some of you may recognize him but lately he’s been known for supporting roles. Whether it was playing Frankenstein’s monster the show Penny Dreadful or M’s assistant Bill Tanner in the recent James Bond films, he’s been there, but never lead the show. That’s changing with the upcoming film Peterloo, in which he plays central historical figure Henry Hunt.

Based on the Peterloo Massacre that occurred on August 16, 1819, this new film comes almost 200 years later to depict one of the bloodiest episodes in British history in which a peaceful protest of over 60,000 people led to soldiers firing upon the crowd. The usual estimate is 15 people were killed and over 700 wounded.

Peterloo is written and directed by Mike Leigh. It is set to hit the UK on November 2nd, followed by a release in the US on November 9th. Check out the teaser trailer for the film below: