Pixar’s Soul Debuts Official Teaser Trailer

Pixar’s big line is that after Toy Story 4 came out later this year, there would be no more sequels and a focus on original films. Their first film to boast this claim will be Soul, June 19, 2020. The synopsis is as follows:

Joe Gardner (Voiced by Jamie Foxx), a middle school music teacher, has long dreamed of performing jazz music onstage, and finally gets a chance after impressing other jazz musicians during an opening act at the Half Note Club. However, an accident causes Gardner’s soul to be separated from his body and transported to the “You Seminar”, a center in which souls develop and gain passions before being transported to a newborn child, and Gardner must work with souls in training, such as 22 (Voiced by Tina Fey), a soul with a dim view on life after being trapped for years at the You Seminar, in order to return to Earth before it’s too late.

The film is also getting attention for the unique hiring of Atticus Ross and Trent Reznor, two members of the industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails (With Reznor the founder, lead vocalist, and principal songwriter for the band). Speaking with Rolling Stone about working on the project, Reznor quoted the following:

It feels very authentic, it feels very exciting and it’s very, very different from anything else we’ve ever done, from the way they do it to how they think about it. And we’re a risky choice for them, so that makes it very appealing. Can we do something like that? That means us working out of our comfort zone. It’s early days but its been really cool.

Hopefully, the unique composers symbolize a return to boldness for an animation company that was once hailed as innovative with every film they did. The teaser trailer released for the film seems to indicate as much. Check it out below:

Soul will feature the additional voice talents of Questlove, Phylicia Rashad, and Daveed Diggs. It is written and directed by Pete Docter.