Ralph Breaks the Internet Rules Leaderboard, Creed II Surpasses Predecessor

When it comes to the box office, the holidays can either be a film’s best friend or it’s worst enemy. Over the years, bigger and bigger films, usually reserved for the summer, have been moved to the winter months because profit is showing to be more and more here. This weekend, which follows after Thanksgiving and the Black Friday shopping period, saw a couple films dominate while others were crushed.

Three new films hit theaters this weekend, actually they were released Wednesday, November 21st, to take advantage of the 5-Day holiday weekend that many people had. Two of those films, Ralph Breaks the Internet and Creed II, profited quite well from it while the newest Robin Hood sunk badly. The former two are working off strong Rotten Tomatoes scores and IMDB user rating scores. Creed II currently has an 82% on RT and an IMDB score of 8.1/10. Ralph Breaks the Internet has an 86% on RT and an IMDB score of 7.7/10. This clearly translated to the box office results where, as you can see, Ralph Breaks the Internet made $55.6 million over the three day weekend with an $84.4 million total over the 5-day weekend. This places the film in the bracket of the second biggest 5-day Thanksgiving weekend ever for any film behind 2013’s Frozen. The film currently has a global total of $125.9 million.

Creed II right now has already accumulated half of the first film’s domestic total, bringing in $55.8 million over the 5 days with $35.2 million of that coming from the standard 3 day weekend. The first Creed managed to gross $109.7 million domestically back in 2015. The sequel should easily overtake that soon enough as the film is expected to outgross it’s predecessor quite easily, especially given the first Creed, also being released on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving back in 2015, only made $29.6 million during it’s 3-day weekend while, combined with Thursday and Friday, led to a $42.1 million total after the 5-day weekend.

The final new release, Robin Hood, currently has a brutal 11% on RT and a 6.9/10 on IMDB. This definitely showed in the box office with the film finishing in 7th place, making $14.2 million over the 5 day weekend, $9.1 million of that being over the standard 3 day weekend. Globally, incorporating the $8.7 million the film made internationally, the film only has made $22.9 million. Safe to say, with an estimated production budget of $100 million, the film is officially a major flop. Check out the top 10 films for this weekend below:

Box Office Top 10 - November 23, 2018 - November 25, 2018

Movies3-Day Weekend TotalDomestic TotalInternational TotalGlobal Total
1. Ralph Breaks the Internet$55,672,000$84,472,000$41,500,000 $125,972,000
2. Creed II$35,293,000$55,806,000-$55,806,000
3. The Grinch (2018)$30,210,000$180,442,250$35,300,000 $215,742,250
4. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald$29,650,000$117,117,238$322,600,000 $439,717,238
5. Bohemian Rhapsody$13,855,000$152,014,253$320,156,326 $472,170,579
6. Instant Family$12,500,000$35,751,508-$35,751,508
7. Robin Hood (2018)$9,125,000$14,220,000$8,700,000 $22,920,000
8. Widows$7,955,000$25,585,819$13,040,188 $38,626,007
9. Green Book$5,443,000$7,800,401-$7,800,401
10. A Star is Born (2018)$3,005,000$191,005,173$162,400,000 $353,405,173

That wraps up this weekend at the box office. Stay tuned!