Ralph Breaks the Internet Debuts “KnowsMore” Clip in Honor of Internet Day

Ralph Breaks the Internet hopes to double down on the pop culture that served as the backbone of the world built by the first film. While the first film saw an arcade where all the video game characters were connected by a train, the sequel will treat audiences to the expansiveness of the internet. Going from the scope of the first film to the second is essentially like going from a small town in Tennessee to the Big Apple.

But focusing on the internet element, today is actually Internet Day. Serving as a day that commemorates the communicative technology that allows Sleuth News to bring the news to you every day. And seeing as how Ralph Breaks the Internet sort of says in it’s title how the internet is part of it’s story, today the film has released a clip titled “KnowsMore”, focusing on said-character who makes an appearance in the upcoming film. Check it out below:

Ralph Breaks the Internet is co-directed Rich Moore & Phil Johnston. It is set to hit theaters November 21, 2018.