Scarlett Johansson – Shooting the “Wage Gap” in the Foot

What if I told you the wage gap complaint was greatly exaggerated? Or at least it was proven it wasn’t nearly as bad as people make it out to be. Last month, Jennifer Lawrence decided to, for lack of a better word, use her popularity to add fire to the “wage gap” debate between females and males, although it was mostly about her being underpaid to her male co-stars in “American Hustle”. Ignoring the fact that she worked only about a third of the time the male co-stars did (Roughly 15 days to their 45 days), the wage gap has not been correctly figured in my opinion.

I stand for truth and justice...I want equality for those who work for it!
I stand for truth and justice…I want equality for those who work for it!

And the recent discovery that Johansson was paid equally to several of her male “The Avengers” co-stars, specifically Chris Evans (Who played Captain America) and Chris Hemsworth (Who played Thor), indicates that the “wage gap” is not accumulating other aspects, namely importance in the film they are being paid for, star power, screen time, and place in the film. Jennifer Lawrence, for example, was only a supporting character in “American Hustle” but was actually paid MORE than her female co-star Amy Adams (Who played the lead character and had much more screen time). This, in lame men’s terms, implies one thing…she is full of crap. Especially after recently earning a $20 million dollar paycheck for a space movie she will star in next year, $9 million more than her co-star Chris Pratt whose two films “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Jurassic World” have both outsold all of her major films, even “The Hunger Games” and “X-Men”. That being said, why is either so heavily paid when both, pretty much, are under a major franchise brand with pre-existing fanbases to them?

If I had to be not so subtle, I’d say it was this simple…greed. It’s always the case. Like many issues this day, we seem to be finding anything to complain about (Recently it’s been Starbucks not having Christmas-decorated cups). And when it comes to the “wage gap” we’re not considering the roles these women play in most of these films. Am I not correct in saying the woman usually is the love interest, the companion, or even just the sex symbol to accompany the male lead’s journey. Are there women who deserve more? Absolutely. But the ones we focus on seems to be based more popularity than reason. Jessica Chastain was no one’s love interest in “Zero Dark Thirty”, Meryl Streep was Margaret Thatcher in “The Iron Lady”/ The films demanded they be the sole leads and the ones the film focused on the most. They deserve a pay raise. Amy Adams deserved a pay raise.

I had to read that essay over and over again to make sure that the sex pot in
I had to read that essay over and over again to make sure I grasped the disbelief that the sex pot in “American Hustle” complained about not being treated equal to a man. I, on the other hand, killed Bin Laden and what do I get?

Luckily, the discovery Johansson was paid equal to her male co-stars indicates some hope that the “wage gap” phenomenon is in fact greatly exaggerated. Even Kate Winslet recently came out as calling the talks “Too vulgar”, feeling that it’s fight not worth having and that she has personally never suffered such a situation. There are many problems in the world…this is not one of them to me.