Scott Cooper & Christian Bale Re-Team for Valhalla

Christian Bale has worked with quite a few directors in his career, but it seems Scott Cooper has him speed dial. The two have already worked together twice with the underappreciated Out of the Furnace and, more recently, Hostiles. Both films are particularly visceral, never letting up in the dread and stories of unrelenting violence they present. These two films have gained strong followings because of such unfiltered narrative strength. So, I imagine, many people will be happy to hear that writer-director Cooper and Bale are teaming up once again for the film Valhalla.

Currently in development at Netflix (Who have Hostiles on their streaming service), little is known about the project except John Lesher is producing and Joel Edgerton has been rumored to co-star

Hopefully, the third time will be a charm for such a strong duo of collaborators. Stay tuned!