Shazam! Debuts Comic-Con Teaser Trailer, DCEU Rebranded as “Worlds of DC”

Shazam! may be considered just a character originally created to profit off the Superman craze, but let’s be honest…he speaks for what probably every bullied kid feels. When you’re the small one on the playground, or the outcast without the posse, you look towards the modern fables of superheroes to make yourself feel better. I admit, it’s personal experience talking here. But nonetheless, the official teaser trailer released for Shazam! during Comic-Con today captures that feeling of being given a chance to escape that feeling of being weak while also addressing what would happen if an immature kid was basically given the responsibilities of the world over night. The trailer for this film, compared to previous films in the DC Extended Universe, is night-and-day in terms of tone. It’s fun, exciting, a little comedic, and a lot of intrigue.

It’s no wonder that today at Comic-Con, Warner Bros. officially announced they are no longer even going by the DCEU (Which was always considered an unofficial title). Now, all the DC films being made at Warner Bros., which is returning to more standalone films that are in the same universe, will be referred to as the “Worlds of DC”. So now, everyone can win. Some can get the dark, moody tone that Zack Snyder was creating in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, while others will get a film like Shazam! that actually seems willing to embrace the joy of the superhero genre. With that in mind, check out the official Comic-Con teaser trailer for Shazam! below:

Shazam! stars Zachary Levi, Asher Angel, Mark Strong, Grace Fulton, Jack Dylan Grazer, Ian Chen, Jovan Armand, Faithe Herman, and Djimon Hounsou. It is directed by David F. Sandberg and is set to hit theaters April 5th.