Shazam! Director Releases “The Problem Solving of Filmmaking” Video Essay

Shazam! didn’t do too bad for a lesser known DC character. Taking in $364 million on a $100 million budget, combined with a 91% on Rotten Tomatoes, the film was considered a good highlight early in this year of blockbuster overload (Check out our review of the film here). And while it would usually be a tradition of a site like Honest Trailers or CinemaSins to talk about what the film did wrong, in a surprising and more positive route, the film’s own director David F. Sandberg has instead decided to release a new five-minute video essay that actually talks about the challenges and problems faced in making two key scenes in the film.

Unlike Honest Trailers or online commentary the video essay, titled “The Problem Solving of Filmmaking”, uses logic and reasonable arguments to explain the movie’s faults as opposed to others that tend to get overly critical to the point of trolling or too positive to the point of raising up mundane aspects of a film to representing some kind of grand artistic gesture. Check out the video essay below:

Shazam! is currently available on digital and will become available on home media on July 16th.