Skyscraper Debuts Trailer #3 & Two Vintage Posters

Ever since Skyscraper first popped up, people immediately started comparing the film to a number of past hits such as 1988’s Die Hard and 1974’s The Towering Inferno. Seems that lead star Dwayne Johnson is well aware of this because on his Twitter today he released several vintage-style posters for his upcoming film that directly emulate those two films, marking them as inspirations to Skyscraper. Check them out below:

Skyscraper co-stars Neve Campbell, Chin Han, Roland Møller, Pablo Schreiber, Byron Mann, Hannah Quinlivan, and Noah Taylor. It is written and directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, set to hit theaters July 13th. In addition, check out the third and most likely final full trailer for the film below: