Slaughterhouse Rulez Debuts Trailer #1

Count on Simon Pegg and Nick Frost to continue to do bizarre films together. And their newest one, Slaughterhouse Rulez, may take the cake for the most bizarre thing they’ve done together. The synopsis is as follows:

A sinkhole appears at a fracking site in woods near to an esteemed but tough British boarding school, causing the pupils and teachers alike to fight for their survival against what is released.

Slaughterhouse Rulez co-stars Asa Butterfield, Michael Sheen, Finn Cole, and Hermione Corfield. It is directed by Crispian Mills (Who co-wrote the film with Henry Fitzherbert). It has yet to get a US release date but will be released in the UK on October 31st, aka Halloween. Check out the new trailer for the film below: