Sleuth News – First Time For Everything

I doubt I was ever going to do any kind of entertainment site. I mean really, really, REALLY didn’t think I was ever going to. It came down to the fact that, unlike major magazines, it be nice to make the site about all news and not just the popular ones. In a world (As most movie trailers started back then) where maybe two, three celebrities get reported on and most movie news is put to the back, I thought it was about time someone focused on the stuff people actual want to read about. I mean how many articles can you do with the Kardashians, wage gap, and so on. Entertainment industry is not suppose to be about politics, it’s suppose to be about, oh I don’t know, FLIPPIN’ MOVIES!!! So here I am, the little guy writing this little site for former men (And for all I know women) of another site we all commented on. We’re still planning it out but basically 3-4 people will be working on this site, allowing continuous news to flood it. So, here we go. Fingers crossed.