Sony Announces Release Dates for Ghostbusters 3 & Morbius

Sony is still going and they are leaning heavier and heavier on their franchises. Not only are they letting Jason Reitman direct an official Ghostbusters 3 (While apparently having it star a bunch of teenagers instead of the lead cast!), but after the success of Venom they are moving forward with more spin-offs centered on individual villains from Spider-Man’s rogue gallery. The new spin-off will be centered around the vampire character Morbius. And today, Sony announced that both these films are on the release date slate for 2020. In fact, they will be released three weeks apart with Ghostbusters 3 set to be released July 10, 2020 while Morbius (Which will star Jared Leto) will be released July 31, 2020.

So if you enjoyed Venom and have some thought Sony can fix what they did to Ghostbusters with the reboot you have some films to check out in July 2020. Stay tuned!