Sony Planning PG-13 Rating for Venom

I haven’t exactly been for the upcoming Venom film but with the announcement today that Sony is planning to make it a PG-13 film I’m even less optimistic about the film. This was apparently decided recently, barely two months out from when the film gets released on October 5th. There are a couple specific reasons for this and, sadly, it’s completely motivated by potential profit and a potential franchise.

There is of course the first obvious reason that Sony wants to maximize the box office potential of the film. The more delusional hope is that Sony is hoping to blend the character with the main Marvel Cinematic Universe after making a deal with Disney/Marvel Studios two years ago to integrate Spider-Man into the MCU. Sony seems to hope they will get something in return with hopes of a few Avengers showing up in their future Marvel films. This goes above and beyond the early reports they wanted a cameo by Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Venom.

Sadly, this all goes against what director Ruben Fleischer said the film was definitely going to be, promising an R-rating with Venom being, in his words, “definitely a darker, more violent, more vicious Marvel character than I think anyone’s ever seen before”. In describing the character, Fleischer also mentioned in a separate interview how he was aware of the character in the comics:

In the comics, he bites people’s heads off and eats brains. It would be weird to make a movie with Venom if he wasn’t doing that.

Sadly, Sony continues to make bad choices when it comes to the Spider-Man franchise, constantly trying to squeeze every penny out of what is essentially their only continuously profitable franchise. This could be another nail in the company that continues to freefall financially every year.

Venom stars Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Scott Haze, and Reid Scott.