“Spectre” Opens with $48 Million in China

The most recent James Bond film “Spectre” may be trailing behind it’s previous installment “Skyfall” (It made $70.4 million in its opening weekend as opposed to “Skyfall” and it’s $90.6 million debut), but that hasn’t stopped it from already netting $550 million worldwide within two weeks of it’s release. This was largely helped overseas with “Spectre” opening in China this weekend to $48 million. This is actually a new record for a non-3D U.S. film being released in China. In the US, the domestic box office for the film is currently $140 million.

So, thanks to recently earning a Guinness World Record for biggest explosion in a film, and coupled with it’s recent successes, it seems “Spectre”, while not at the level of “Skyfall”, is still leaving it’s mark.

Talk all the garbage you want...you know you like me.
Talk all the garbage you want…you know you like me.