“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” – Crossguard Lightsaber Design Finally Explained

The reception towards the look and feel of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” has so far been been quite praised. Returning to the more mystical nature of the original trilogy (As opposed to the Midi-chlorian “Receptors of the Force” from the prequel trilogy) and coupling it with practical effects, fans seem ready to open their hearts up to that galaxy far, far away again. Two things however have seemed to cause a stir. One, the most ridiculous, is the idea of a female lead character and a black stormtrooper. The second, however, has been on the design of the new crossguard lightsaber that is used by one of the movie villains Kylo Ren (Played by Adam Driver). Fashioned to fit it’s namesake and fitting the medieval designs that originally inspired the concept of the Jedi, it has two,small petruding blades coming out from sides of the hilt to resemble the quillons of a crossguard sword.

“It is not my fault okay?! I’m working with equipment that’s like 1000 years old here. Our budget got cut after spent it all on TWO Death Stars. I’m doing my best! What do you want from me?!”

Many have criticized this for being impractical and somewhat dangerous to the user of the weapon. However, it has been recently explained why it is designed this way. The reason for the side-blades is that they actually are a type of vent or exhaust for the central blade. You’re probably thinking “But they never needed that before?”. And you’d be right except, according to Disney, the reason for the exhaust vents is the blade design is suppose to be an ancient version of the lightsaber, as in one of the original designs.

What this represents in relation to the character of Kylo Ren and the First Order he works under could simply mean that they are following the old ways and, thus, possess weapon designs to honor the tradition of their order. We’ll soon find out as “The Force Awakens” is barely a month away from being released worldwide, with a release date of December 18th.

“Yeeaaahhh…I think I liked this better. I sure didn’t lose because this wasn’t working for me.”