“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” NOT Being Shown Early for Awards Consideration

Who knew Disney cared so much for the well being of audience expectations? In a stunning move so opposite to other studios out this season, Disney has decided to not screen “Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens” early, which would have allowed it for consideration during much of the Award season, starting with contention for National Board Of Review’s best films of the year on December 1st. The reason? Apparently Disney didn’t want to take the chance of spoilers.

Quick! Run from the Critics! They're After Us Again!
Quick! Run from the Critics! They’re After Us Again!

This is one of the strangest things ever. With the film expected to destroy box office records and possibly, at least rumored, to make around $500 million worldwide IN IT’S OPENING WEEKEND ALONE, it’s amazing Disney isn’t trying to pave a way through the Award season. Popularity and promotion is a major aspect of the Award season nowadays. Just being “Star Wars” could allow the film to write it’s own ticket. I mean, let’s be honest, sometimes the award season feels like a political campaign. It’s about how well you promote yourself more than if you’re the best.

But, low and behold, Disney is showing why it continues to dominate the movie industry. Instead of going for impressing the award voters, Disney seems determined to bring back “Star Wars” like the days of old. The trailers have revealed very little about the story and only a line-up of the characters involved.

At 26 I wonder…was this how it felt back in 1977? No leaks, no spoilers. Just little visual teases here and there to wet your whistle? If so I hope studios take note of this. It has become a rather common discussion and complaint that trailers nowadays reveal too much of the story. Disney, on the other hand, seems determined to rely on classic surprise to get people to go the movies. People still don’t know what role Luke Skywalker (Played by Mark Hamill) has in the new film. Besides the obvious fact…

Hey Han's back! Chewy have you lost weight?!
Hey Han’s back! Chewy have you lost weight?!…

…there is no actual knowledge of the film’s plot so far. Just the fact the good guys will face the old once again in grand space battles, wild light saber duels, and, hopefully, a lot of heart. Have to say…it’s good to see a studio putting the audience first instead of going for glory…although I’m sure “The Force Awakens” will have plenty of that anyway.

See you all December 18th! You won't get there till we do!
See you all December 18th! You won’t get there till we do!