Starz’s Counterpart TV Series Cancelled After 2 Seasons

It’s unfortunate when great shows get cancelled early for being just too different. Sadly the J.K. Simmons-starring science fiction show Counterpart, in which a spy works with a version of himself from a parallel dimension, in one such show. And today Starz made it official that after the show’s season two finale (Set to air next Sunday), will be the show’s final episode.

Showrunner and creator Justin Marks himself revealed the cancellation on social media this morning and brought hope that he will work to get the show shopped around at other networks:

It’s been an absolute dream for this team… we got to make EXACTLY the show we wanted to… perfect cast, perfect crew on 2 continents… and we’re so grateful to our network for the time we had… Thank you to everyone who made this journey so special for us. Your tweets, podcasts, and intricate conspiracy theories have made it all worthwhile. Fingers crossed that our wonderful studio, MRC, can find a way to keep the dream alive!.

It’s not impossible that the show will get picked up somewhere else. We’ve seen such things happen when The Expanse moved to Amazon from the Syfy channel or Brooklyn Nine-Nine moved to NBC after being cancelled on Fox. But for now, may this be a proper send-off for a show that dared to be it’s own. Stay tuned!