Terry Gilliam Working on Mr. Vertigo

Terry Gilliam seems determined to knock a lot of unfinished projects off his bucket list. He has The Man Who Killed Don Quixote done and is working to get it out to audiences by the end of the year, but it turns out he’s not stopping there. At the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, where Don Quixote made it’s debut, Gilliam was said to be pitching the idea of adapting the 1994 novel Mr. Vertigo.

Written by author Paul Auster, the story focused on a young orphan that is taught how to levitate by a mysterious Hungarian Jew and tours the country during the 1920’s as part of a sideshow carnival. This is a story that Gilliam has been talking about since 2011, but no right now it’s essentially still an idea in his head. Hopefully it won’t take him decades to do this film. Stay tuned!