The Banker Debuts Official Trailer

So far, the early reception for all of the shows coming to Apple+ hasn’t been great. Maybe their movies will do better? We’ll find out when first major film The Banker hits theaters on December 6th, followed by a release on the streaming service on January 31, 2020.

The film is based on the true story of two African American entrepreneurs, Bernard Garrett (Played by Anthony Mackie) and Joe Morris (Played by Samuel L. Jackson), who during the 1950’s tried to circumvent the racial limitations of the era and take on the establishment. Part of this was them recruiting a working class white man, Matt Steiner (Played by Nicholas Hoult) and training him to pose as the head of their business empire while they posed as a janitor and a chauffeur. Together Garrett and Morris became two of the wealthiest and most successful real estate owners in the country with Steiner as their front man, but their success brought exposure that threatened everything they worked for.

Today, the official trailer for the film has been released. Check it out below:

The Banker co-stars Nia Long, Jessie Usher, and Colm Meaney. It is written and directed by George Nolfi.