“The Conjuring 3” Moving Forward, Screenwriter Announced

“The Conjuring” franchise has several spin-offs announced with “Annabelle: Creation” (A prequel to the first prequel “Annabelle”) set to be released August 11th this year along with “The Nun” set to be released in theaters July 13, 2018 and the recently announced “The Crooked Man” still awaiting a released date. Combine that with main installments, “The Conjuring” and “The Conjuring 2”, the announcement of “The Conjuring 3″ will make this franchise up to seven installments.

It was announced today that Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line Cinema, the production companies behind the series, are moving forward on “The Conjuring 3” with David Leslie Johnson announced to write the script. While James Wan, the director of the first two main installments, will return with Peter Safran as producers through the Atomic Monster production company, he is not expect to return as director. Personally, given he basically made these films worth anything critically (The first film has an 86% on Rotten Tomatoes, the second film has an 80%), I think this is a mistake not to wait for Wan to direct again to allow creative consistency.

“The Conjuring 3” will continue the formula of the previous main installments and follow the cases of real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, respectively, which pretty much confirms the casting of Wilson and Farmiga as actors. However, unlike the previous films, Safran has previously said the third film will avoid the “supernatural possession in a house with a family in peril” formula that set the structure for the previous films. Stay tuned!