The CW Working on Reboot of The 4400 TV Series

For four seasons, from 2004-2007, the USA Network aired The 4400. An odd show, about 4400 people vanished people (All from different times in the last century) who return all at once, having not aged a day or having any memory of where they’ve been. The show used the false illusion of it being aliens but by the end of the first season (Which was originally just a five-part miniseries) the abductions were revealed to be more as each of these returned people (Dubbed “The 4400”) developed elements of superpowers and a larger story unfolded involving the fate of the future of mankind.

Various actors were involved in it, namely Mahershala Ali who just won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for the film Moonlight last year. While the original show was develoepd by Rene Echevarria and Scott Peters, it was announced today that a reboot is being worked on over at the CW under the guide of Taylor Elmore and Craig Sweeny who will co-write the pilot for the reboot and executive produce while Elmore will serve as showrunner should the project move forward.

While the idea of the CW rebooting such a cult show sounds like a disaster waiting to happen (Just look what they did with Charmed), having someone like Elmore (Who executive produced Justified) at least offers potential for an interesting take on an interesting premise. Stay tuned!