The Favourite Debuts Teaser Trailer

Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos is one of the most unique voices in cinema right now. His 2015 film The Lobster was a strange foray into a somewhat dystopian tale but with an unusual focus on modern dating ideologies. Last year his film The Killing of a Sacred Deer dealt with a boy who puts a curse on a family because of the sins of that family’s patriarch.

Both films utilize an extreme version of deadpan humor, the characters speaking in detail of how they are feeling and how they perceive things. All the while a dark humor highlights the ludicrous nature of these stories and these characters. At the heart of both of his stories is a tale of bitterness towards fellow human beings, whether it’s about dating or death. No doubt Lanthimos’s newest work, The Favourite, continues that as the synopsis indicates:

The close relationship between Queen Anne (Played by Olivia Colman) and Sarah Churchill (Played by Rachel Weisz) is threatened by the arrival of Sarah’s cousin, Abigail Masham (Played by Emma Stone), resulting in a bitter rivalry to be the Queen’s favourite.

An odd combination of actresses lead this film, the most unusual of the three being Emma Stone who since at least 2014’s Birdman has shown probably the most versatility of any actress of this generation in the types of films she’s chosen. Satires, musicals, and now, combined with last year’s Battle of the Sexes and this new film, historical dramas. Her consistency is what justifies faith in this project for me more than anything, but Weisz is always a welcome addition, previously co-headlining Lanthimos’s The Lobster along with Colman who has been a constant presence in British television for years, most recently co-leading Broadchurch during it’s three season run. All-in-all, a potent combination of actors with a director whose choice of story fits him like a glove.

Today, the first teaser trailer for The Favourite has been released that highlights the impressive talent headlining this story and Lanthimos’s quick-to-becoming-iconic style creating an off-kilter yet engrossing atmosphere around the cast’s performances. Check it out below:

The Favourite co-stars Nicholas Hoult, Joe Alwyn, and Mark Gatiss. It is set to hit theaters November 23rd.