The Flash Season 5, Supergirl Season 4, & Black Lightning Season 2 Debut Comic-Con Trailers

Rounding out today at Comic-Con, we have the Comic-Con trailers for season 5 of The Flash, season 4 of Supergirl, and season 2 of Black Lightning. The season premiere of The Flash and Black Lightning will actually both be on October 9th (I guess that will be called “Lightning Night”?) while the season premiere for Supergirl will be on October 14th.

The Flash ended it’s last season with Barry Allen finally stopping The Thinker’s plan of devolving mankind back to a primitive state so they’d be easier to control. It’s revealed in the final moments of the season that the girl who had been showing up at random times during the season, played by actress Jessica Parker Kennedy, is actually Barry and Iris’s daughter Nora Allen from the future. She shows up at during a gathering of friends and family to reveal who she is and say she needs help fixing a mistake she made. Check that trailer out below:

Black Lightning ended with the titular character and his family revealing the experiments of the A.S.A. (The experiments which gave Black Lightning his powers as a youth). While Black Lightning and his daughter Thunder, who was revealed during the season to acquire superpowers, are made public heroes, the main villain of the story Tobias opens a mysterious briefcase that will apparent allow him to defeat Black Lightning. Sadly, the Comic-Con trailer for season 2 is a 5-minute recap of season 1, but helpful for anyone who wants to catch up. Check it out below:

Finally, season 3 of Supergirl ended with much of the cast dividing. J’onn J’onzz, aka the Martian Manhunter, steps down from his position as director of the DEO to spend time with his father who is dying of a dementia-like disease. He promotes Alex Danvers, sisters to Kara Danvers/Supergirl, to head up the division as the new director. Kara Danvers goes back to her job as Supergirl but, in a cliffhanger, it’s revealed that a duplicate Kara has landed in Siberia. Many think this will serve as a loose adaptation of the Superman graphic novel Superman: Red Son in which, in an alternate history, Superman lands in Russia instead of a farm in Kansas and embodies the ideals of the USSR instead. Check out the trailer below which mixes footage of the previous season with glimpses of what’s to come in season 4:

All three shows will air on the CW in the Fall.