The Invisible Man Debuts Official Trailer

Late yesterday, we got the first look images for the upcoming re-imagining of H.G. Wells’ legendary 1933 novel The Invisible Man, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. Whereas the original focused on a mad scientist trying to reverse his own invisibility, this one carries an air that reminds one of Paul Verhoeven’s 2000 horror take on the story, Hollow Man. Firstly, you can view the photos below:

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The story will follow Cecilia Kass (Played by Elisabeth Moss), a woman trapped in a violent, controlling relationship with a wealthy and brilliant scientist (Played by Oliver Jackson-Cohen). After she escapes in the dead of night and goes into hiding, however, her ex suddenly dies by suicide and leaves her a generous portion of his fortune. Suspecting his death was a hoax, Cecilia finds herself facing eerie events in which she tries to prove she is being hunted by someone nobody can see…in the process her sanity unravel.

In choosing to approach the story from a contemporary, grounded style, writer/director Leigh Whannell spoke in that same EW article about how he handled this story:

The image of the Invisible Man in the floating trench coat and the floating sunglasses is one that is clearly etched into the public consciousness. I wanted to kind of get away from that and make something that was really modern, really grounded, or as grounded as you can be when you’re dealing with a film called The Invisible Man…the script is really a one-woman show. Elisabeth Moss is the centerpiece of the film, and she’s in pretty much every scene. I feel like, if you’re going to hang an entire film on someone’s shoulders, you need an actor as good as Lizzie.

Last year, Whannell made the critically acclaimed science fiction thriller Upgrade that bridged thematic prowess with edgy, old fashion thrills. The hope is that he can do the same with The Invisible Man, working once again with Blumhouse and carrying a contemporary perspective that mirrors Blumhouse’s collaborations with Jordan Peele (Get Out and Us). And even if that aspect doesn’t intrigue you, the concept itself is very interesting and the trailer released only defends that. Check it out below:

The Invisible Man co-stars Storm Reid, Aldis Hodge, and Harriet Dyer. It is set to hit theaters February 28, 2020.