The Vanishing Debuts Trailer #1

Gerard Butler hasn’t had the best luck with movies, particularly the horrible action-based films he’s done. In a bit of a surprise though, his next film is actually a small psychological thriller titled The Vanishing, inspired by the Flannan Isles mystery.

As the story goes, on the Flannan Isles, there is a notorious mystery about the disappearance of three lighthouse keepers in 1900. How the story went was a small relief boat approached the Isle, a tiny isolated island no bigger than a football pitch, 20 miles off a rugged coast. The point of this relief boat was to routinely replace the three lighthouse keepers, after 6 weeks alone manning the light. When the relief boat got there, the lamps were clean and refilled; the table is laid for dinner. There is an upturned chair and two sets of yellow oilskins are missing. The three men who were there were never found.

The Vanishing will tell it’s fictional version of the story, focusing on the three lightkeepers, in the film named Thomas (Played by Peter Mullan), James (Played by Butler), and Donald (Played by Connor Swindells). Today, a trailer for the film has been released which you can check out below:

The Vanishing is directed by Kristoffer Nyholm and is set to hit theaters January 4, 2019.