They Shall Not Grow Old WWI Documentary Debuts Trailer #1

While Hollywood struggles with ideas nowadays for the future of the industry…they are making a killing in documentaries as filmmakers big and small have dived into the endless past more now than ever before. Even Peter Jackson, known more for his special effects wizardry and scope, has decided to dive into such a tale with They Shall Not Grow Old, focused on  the grim realities of the Great War on the front line as well as the soldier’s attitudes towards the conflict.

Using near century-old black and white footage from the BBC and Imperial War Museums’ archives, Jackson has cleaned up the prints and digitally colorised it – the result showing details that have never been seen before. While the film hasn’t gotten a planned release for the US, it will be released in the UK on October 16th before being released then in European theaters. For now, check out the official trailer for the documentary below: