Titans TV Series Releases New Robin Photos

Sometime in the Fall television season, the DC Universe streaming service will become available online that will launch several DC Comics-related shows. While fans of the Young Justice animated series will see the show return on the streaming service for it’s third season (Subtitled “Outsiders”), another show that will aim to appeal to the younger arsenal of crimefighters of DC will be a live-action take on the popular Teen Titans franchise, simply titled Titans.

Taking on the role of the team’s famous leader Dick Grayson/Robin, Australian actor Brenton Thwaites was not my first thought, but admittedly new official photos giving a full costume look at him as Robin is pretty hard to deny as cool. Essentially the costume looks like a more militaristic look of actor Chris O’Donnell’s version of the character from the film Batman Forever…and it kind of works. Check it out below: