Tom Hanks’ Mr. Rogers Biopic Gets Official Title

When it comes to heartwarming biopics about good people, Tom Hanks is really one of the only actors left who can come off as genuinely caring. It’s no surprise that in the last few years he’s been apart of such biopics, portraying not only Walt Disney in Saving Mr. Banks but soon set to play Fred Rogers.

Focused on the story of when award-winning cynical journalist Lloyd Vogel (Played by Matthew Rhys) interviewed Rogers and his perspective on life was forever changed, the film has been going under the title of You Are My Friend. However, today it was announced that the film will officially be titled A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. With an award-season release date of October 18th, Hanks might just be ready to get another Oscar nomination. But right now, at least the identity of the film is being shaped.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood co-stars Chris Cooper. it is directed by Marielle Heller.