USA’s Colony Cancelled, The Purge TV Series Debuts Comic-Con Trailer

On the same day that USA Network announced the cancellation of their show Colony (Which is about to wrap it’s third season), they focused all their marketing at Comic-Con on the upcoming TV series adaptation of The Purge. Series creator James DeMonaco, who wrote and directed the first three films while not at the helm of the recent prequel film The First Purge, commented on how the show will be different from the movies:

Time is the biggest factor on a very practical level. We had 10 hours to explore things we couldn’t even attempt to do in the movie. That gives us the real estate to get into characters more and use a flashback structure to go off purge. Here we go back five years before the purge, 3 months before the purge, 2 days before the purge. So we’ll see how this society exists within the purge landscape.

The Purge is set to premiere on the USA Network on September 4th and we also have the trailer for the show that released at Comic-Con today. Check it out below: