Vice Debuts Trailer #1 & Teaser Poster

When Adam McKay chose to try his hand at dramas, he won an Oscar for his script for The Big Short. Since then, McKay had been in talks to work on films that would appear to leave his raunchy comedies behind. While one film was potentially Bad Blood, based on the scandal of Elizabeth Holmes, that film apparently got sidetracked (And has not been heard of since 2016) when last year it was announced that McKay was working on a film that dealt with the rise of Vice President Dick Cheney. Today, we finally have the first trailer for that film, titled Vice. Check it out below:

As you can see, Christian Bale (Who also starred in The Big Short) once again takes on a physically challenging role, gaining 40 pounds, bleaching his eyebrows, and changing his voice. But the trailer itself seems to offer another compelling film from McKay and most likely will be a film we’ll hear about during the award season.

Vice co-stars Amy Adams, Steve Carell, Sam Rockwell, Bill Pullman, and Alison Pill. It is set to hit theaters December 25th. In addition, check out the new teaser poster for the film below: