Vikings Debuts Official Final Season Trailer, Premiere Date Announced

History channel’s semi-historical show Vikings has gone on to become a critical and commercial success. So successful, that the show’s creator Michael Hirst are in discussion to continue telling stories in that world in a new spin-off. But before a new story can end…the other must end.

When the show started, the character Ragnar Lothbrok, based on the historical figure of the same name, led the people of his small village of Kattegat into England and France where they raided yearly. Eventually, Ragnar became King of Denmark before ultimately dying at the hands of the very countries he had become the scourge of. That was the first four seasons with season five following his sons’ fight for his crown and ultimately ending with Ragnar’s first-born Bjorn Ironside taking his crown.

However, the actions of the father have come to collect from the son with the sixth and final season set see the consequences of Ragnar’s death sending the Vikings to never-before-seen locations, thousands of miles from their home to face brutal (Yet worthy) rivals. As visions come to fruition, the war will end one way or another. Who will remain standing?

We finally know when those answers are set to start being revealed as it was announced today with an official trailer for the sixth season that the first of two ten-episode blocks will begin on Wednesday, December 4th with a two-hour premiere. After the first ten episodes air this year, with the remaining ten episodes will premiere sometime next year. Check out the official trailer below: