Warner Bros. Gives Official Release Dates for The Batman & The Suicide Squad, Affleck Out as Batman

Late yesterday, Warner Bros. suddenly revealed the release date for two long-awaited films. Matt Reeves’ The Batman (June 25, 2021) and the new Suicide Squad film, tentatively titled The Suicide Squad (August 6, 2021), that is being written by James Gunn. Gunn was famously fired by Marvel last year from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 after old pedophilia-centered joke posts from his Twitter were brought back into the limelight. And with those two announcements comes some confirmations for both projects.

Yesterday, Reeves discusses his hopes to  make The Batman a detective story (See his quotes here). However, since Reeves took over directing and writing duties from Ben Affleck (Who was set to star coming off his then first appearance as the character in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice), there was wonder if Affleck would even return to star at all. This rumor persisted as Affleck dealt with personal issues ranging from divorce to going into rehab. Today, it has been confirmed that Affleck will NOT be returning to star once again as Bruce Wayne/Batman and a younger actor will take on the role. After the announcement, Affleck showed strong support for Reeves and the project on his Twitter account. His official post is below:

It’s not impossible to believe that Affleck might return as the older Batman, but for now Reeves looks to make a standalone story that matches the less-interconnected nature of the DC films that Warner Bros. has been going for, especially recently with Aquaman.

On the front of The Suicide Squad, Gunn is not only penning the film, but he is also in talks to take on directing duties for the film which is expected to feature a brand new team. It’s uncertain whether Margot Robbie, Will Smith, or Jared Leto return as Harley Quinn, Deadshot, or the Joker, respectively. Especially given Robbie is starring in several films as the character ranging from a solo film to co-starring in the upcoming Birds of Prey film. And of course the Joker is set to be played by Joaquin Phoenix in the smaller, more grounded Joker while Leto is set to move on to star in the Marvel/Sony film Morbius.

In addition to those two films, Warner Bros. announced the film DC Super Pets for a release date of August 6, 2021. Directed by Jared Stern and Sam Levine, the film is set to deal with the pets of a number of DC superheroes teaming up to form their own crime-fighting team.

Outside of the DC films, Warner Bros. also announced a release date for this year’s Doctor Sleep (November 8th) which is a sequel to The Shining and the Robert Zemeckis-directed take on Roald Dahl’s The Witches, set for release next year on October 16, 2020. Safe to say, WB has been busy. Stay tuned!