Wolfman’s Got Nards Documentary Debuts Trailer #1

Shane Black and Fred Dekker have come a long way since they co-wrote 1987’s The Monster Squad, which Dekker directed. The film was a critical and commercial flop but has gained quite the cult following throughout the years. It’s an example of a film that defied it’s initial reception.

Lately, exploration of such film fandom has become a thing in the documentary department these days. Which is why The Monster Squad is going to be getting a documentary about how the film remains such a cult favorite titled Wolfman’s Got Nards. Interestingly enough, the documentary is being directed by Andre Gower who actually played the character Sean Crenshaw in the original film. His documentary will delve into interviews with the cast, crew, screenwriters, directors, academics, and even some of the original reviewers of the film to see what made this film so special among audiences.

While the film has yet to get a theatrical release, today an official trailer has been released for the film which indicates it might be soon. Check it out below: