Wrinkles The Clown Documentary Debuts Official Trailer

There are a lot of ways to spend your retirement, a lot of ways to get famous, and a lot of ways to scare people. For 65-year-old, unidentified man living in Naples, Florida, he found a way to do all three. Not content being another “boring Florida retiree”, a few years ago he donned his persona of Wrinkles the Clown and made a YouTube video in which he emerges from under a sleeping child’s bed to scare him. Soon after, this former military veteran made more videos of Wrinkles’ child-scaring escapades and instead went into a unique form clowning which grew a cult online.

It didn’t stop there. He chose to don the clown mask in real-life and, for a fee of “a few hundred dollars”, he now attends birthdays, scare misbehaving kids for parents, and pranks people. He developed so much of a cult following that The Washington Post interviewed him in 2015, keeping him anonymous, in which Wrinkles claims he gets “hundreds of calls a day” now to don his painted mask. And it’s grown so much that now…he gets a documentary made about himself.

Joker: “He seems like a cool dude…but I bet you he can’t make a pencil disappear.”

Featuring Emmy-nominated filmmaker Michael Beach Nichols at the helm, the documentary Wrinkles The Clown will premiere at Fantastic Fest (Set to run from September 16th to September 29th) ahead of a day-and-date October 4th release. So if Wrinkles creepy persona wasn’t already big, it will be now. And it’s indeed fortuitous that the documentary will be released the same day that Joker will hit theaters, and barely a month after It: Chapter Two (Which is hitting theaters this weekend). Indeed, this seems to be the “Season of the Clown”. And today, the official trailer for the documentary has been released. Check it out below: