X-Men Animated Series Sued Over Theme Song Plagiarism

The 1990’s X-Men animated series is a classic in every way. Not only was it considered one of the more intelligent and mature comic book shows, but it has set the precedent for all other adaptations of the famous comic book superhero team. Even the long-running Fox-produced films have constantly been compared to the show. There is even talk the original crew behind the show are trying to get it revived on Disney+ (Disney acquired 20th Century Fox at the beginning of this year). But when it comes to it, one of the things that really sticks in the minds of fans of the show was the theme song, which you can view below:

The thing about a good theme song is it’s just that. It’s the song that sets the theme of the show. The tone and atmosphere. And despite this theme song being from the 1990’s, pretty much every interpretation of the X-Men have been compared and fallen under the shadow of the tone set. Perhaps I’m being hyperbolic, but that seems to be the philosophy of Florida resident Zoltan Krisko who has reportedly filed suit against Marvel, Apple, Amazon, Fox, and Disney along with some other affiliates. He is seeking compensation from essentially every entertainment entity that has shared in the property’s success (Amazon and Apple for example have the series available for rental and purchase on their streaming services). Why? Based on the claim that the beloved theme song is in fact an unauthorized reproduction of the theme song to Hungarian TV series Linda. Listen to it below and prepare to be…oddly convinced Krisko may have a case:

Linda, which ran from 1983 to 1989, followed a female police detective, trained in martial arts, with the show’s creator openly having been inspired by Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan when writing the show. The show only ran for three seasons but it helped reshape gender norms in the Eastern Bloc. The theme song was written by composer Gyorgy Vukan who passed away in 2013 and Vukan’s estate passed through a will to Krisko who then registered the copyright to the Linda theme song in the United States in 2017.

Krisko is acting as his own legal counsel. What will occur is beyond anyone given how many affiliates will be involved in this. Stay tuned!